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  1. Sweet and Simple Strawberry
    Sweet and Simple Strawberry
    Traditional Little Slice cheesecake, a delicious graham crust, and fresh pureed strawberries. Sweet, simple, and so good you’ll want to savor every bite!
  2. Pom Passion
    Pom Passion
    This beauty packs a flavor punch-and some CRUNCH! Traditional cheesecake infused with fresh pomegranate seeds and juice. If you’re passionate about Pomegranates, this is a flavor you won’t want to miss!
  3. Almond Amaretto
    Almond Amaretto
    Amaretto, almonds, and caramel unite with creamy cheesecake atop an almond biscotti crust. Watch out…This one’s intense!
  4. Gingered Blood Orange
    Gingered Blood Orange
    Traditional cheesecake infused with fresh squeezed blood orange juice atop a gingersnap crust, double glazed with blood orange juice, and sprinkled with crystallized ginger. Perfectly refreshing and visually stunning!
  5. Caramel Macchiato
    Caramel Macchiato
    Coffee enthusiasts will love our creamy Caramel Macchiato cheesecake. Traditional cheesecake on a graham crust laced with Espresso and drizzled with caramel perfectly compliments or takes the place of your next cup of Joe.
  6. Caramel PEARadise
    Caramel PEARadise
    We can't help but be a little proud of this delightful creation. Traditional cheesecake on a graham crust topped with fresh roasted pears and caramel.
  7. Cherry
    Our perfectly plain cheesecake piled high with ravishing red cherries. A classic for sure!
  8. Cherry Cordial
    Cherry Cordial
    If you love chocolate covered cherries, you'll LOVE our Cherry Cordial cheesecake. Chopped cherry pieces surrounded by traditional cheesecake on a chocolate crust coated with rich chocolate, a cherry glaze, and Maraschino cherries. Mmm. Mmmm. Mmmmm!
  9. Cherry Limeade
    Cherry Limeade
    Perfectly tart. Perfectly sweet. A fun twist on our Key Lime Cheesecake, Cherry Limeade is sure to energize your taste buds!
  10. Chocolate Cappuccino
    Chocolate Cappuccino
    Our Chocolate Cappuccino cheesecake is guaranteed to "pick you up" with the perfect combo of chocolate, espresso, cream, and cinnamon.
  11. Chocolate Chip
    Chocolate Chip
    One of our original signature cheesecakes, Chocolate Chip just never, ever disappoints!
  12. Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
    Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
    Traditional cheesecake on a chocolate crust boasting chewy chocolate chip cookie dough balls within and perfectly baked chocolate chip cookies on top. This cookie duo is sure to keep the whole family begging for more!
  13. Chocolate Covered Almond Biscotti
    Chocolate Covered Almond Biscotti
    Creamy traditional cheesecake on an almond biscotti crust, smothered with rich dark chocolate and shaved almonds.
  14. Chocolate Covered Strawberry
    Chocolate Covered Strawberry
    Fresh strawberries pureed and swirled into traditional cheesecake complimented with a chocolate crust and a hardened chocolate drizzle. Your mouth just may not be able to tell the difference from a chocolate covered strawberry!
  15. Chocolate Raspberry
    Chocolate Raspberry
    Our delicious Triple Chocolate Cheesecake paired with an organic raspberry puree'. The perfect balance of sweet and tart.
  16. Cinnamon Roll
    Cinnamon Roll
    An instant favorite, Cinnamon Roll is loaded with cinnamon and ooey gooey cream cheese icing. If you LOVE cinnamon, this one's for you!
  17. Coconut Bon Bon Bliss
    Coconut Bon Bon Bliss
    Arguably the richest of all of the Little Slice flavors, Coconut Bon Bon Bliss is a combination of our creamy chocolate cheesecake and a decadent coconut bon bon filling, perfectly balanced with a semi-sweet chocolate drizzle.
  18. Coconut Lime with Mango Coulis
    Coconut Lime with Mango Coulis
    Our traditional cheesecake infused with coconut and lime on a gingersnap and coconut crust, finished with a fresh mango coulis.
  19. Cookies 'N Cream
    Cookies 'N Cream
    Traditional cheesecake on a chocolate crust filled with crushed Oreos. Yum!
  20. Creamy Dreamy Peanut Butter Cup
    Creamy Dreamy Peanut Butter Cup
    Creamy peanut butter cheesecake on a chocolate crust topped with Reeses peanut butter cups and a rich chocolate ganache equals PERFECTION!
  21. Fresh Blackberry
    Fresh Blackberry
    The perfect mix of sweet and slightly tart, our Fresh Blackberry cheesecake experience is hard to beat!
  22. Fresh Blueberry
    Fresh Blueberry
    Fresh blueberries atop our perfectly plain cheesecake makes for the perfect splurge for our more health conscious customers.
  23. Fruit Salsa
    Fruit Salsa
    A fresh fruit "salsa" of pears, raspberries, peaches, kiwi, and strawberries atop our creamy traditional cheesecake. A balanced HEAVENLY treat for our more health conscious customers!
  24. German Chocolate
    German Chocolate
    Another flavor inspired by my own father and his great love for German Chocolate. With a homemade coconut and pecan icing, this cheesecake is everything you hope it'll be and more.
  25. Granna's Apple Streusel
    Granna's Apple Streusel
    Named after the special lady who started it all, Granna's Apple Streusel is about as good as it gets. Creamy traditional cheesecake on a graham crust, a layer of cinnamon apples, and an incredible streusel topping will win your heart every single time.
  26. Heath English Toffee
    Heath English Toffee
    Where creamy meets crunchy! Traditional cheesecake filled with English toffee bits on a gingersnap crust, drizzled with caramel and topped with Heath chocolate bar crumbles.
  27. Key Lime
    Key Lime
    It's all about finding the right limes and the Key Limes get the job done. This flavor is quite tart while remaining perfectly refreshing.
  28. Lemon Kissed White Chocolate
    Lemon Kissed White Chocolate
    Decadent white chocolate cheesecake kissed with a hint of lemon... PURE HEAVEN!
  29. Marbled Fudge Brownie
    Marbled Fudge Brownie
    Traditional cheesecake meets chocolate cheesecake on an ooey gooey fudgy brownie drizzled with chocolate syrup. This one's by far the richest of the Little Slice flavors.
  30. Italian Cream
    Italian Cream
    Only two words needed to describe our homemade Italian Cream cheesecake. #1 MIND, #2 BLOWING! Whether you’re just a fun-loving “foodie” in search of a delicious dessert or you’re in a pinch to impress special guests, this one will literally blow your mind and have your guests begging for more!
  31. Lemon Lush
    Lemon Lush
    One of our top sellers, Lemon Lush brings quite a bit of excitement into the Little Slice cheesecake experience.
  32. Marbled Raspberry
    Marbled Raspberry
    An exciting twist on an old favorite, our Marbled Raspberry cheesecake is not only delicious but a beautiful addition to any celebration.
  33. Mint Chocolate Chip
    Mint Chocolate Chip
    At my daughter's request came our Mint Chocolate Chip cheesecake. Little Slice's signature Chocolate Chip cheesecake infused with mint.
  34. Oh My Guava!
    Oh My Guava!
    OMG! The name says it all. A trip to the Virgin Islands inspired this unusual flavor. If you're thinking, "I probably won't like guava," THINK AGAIN! This just might be our best flavor EVER!
  35. Marionberry Cobbler
    Marionberry Cobbler
    Creamy traditional cheesecake layered with our “made from scratch” cobbler and fresh local marionberries. A tribute to the great state of Oregon, our Marionberry Cobbler Cheesecake will delight Central Oregon natives and "transplants" alike!
  36. Old-Fashioned Oatmeal
    Old-Fashioned Oatmeal
    Who says you can't have cheesecake for breakfast? Classic old-fashioned oatmeal teams up with sweet, creamy cheesecake and a coconut pecan frosting for the perfect start (or finish) to any day.
  37. Peaches 'N Cream
    Peaches 'N Cream
    At Little Slice we're all about fresh. Our Peaches 'N Cream cheesecake was created to take advantage of the supply of fresh peaches right in our backyard. Traditional cheesecake layered with a cinnamon and peach compote and topped with a peach glaze proves to be a wonderful summer dessert.
  38. Peanut Buter Truffle
    Peanut Buter Truffle
    Sweet peanut butter cream ribboned into our "to die for" Triple Chocolate cheesecake and topped with a chocolate peanut butter ganache as well as a second drizzling of sweet peanut butter cream...BEST...CHEESECAKE...EVER!
  39. Perfectly Plain
    Perfectly Plain
    Perfectly creamy, perfectly plain cheesecake on a graham crust for those that enjoy the simpler things in life.
  40. Pumpkin Spice
    Pumpkin Spice
    A seasonal cheesecake flavor that's so delicious and desirable that we make it all year long!
  41. Raspberry Butterscotch
    Raspberry Butterscotch
    Sweet butterscotch and tart raspberries compliment each other perfectly in this festive and fun flavor combo.
  42. Red Velvet
    Red Velvet
    A chocolate lover's dream, our ravishing Red Velvet cheesecake will drop jaws at your next special event! Chocolate crust, chocolate filling, chocolate topping, and a white chocolate garnish. Who can resist?
  43. Rocky Road
    Rocky Road
    Creamy chocolate cheesecake packed with almonds and mini marshmallows....a favorite of kiddos and adults alike.
  44. Salted Caramel
    Salted Caramel
    Our traditional cheesecake infused with creamy dulce de leche, topped with rich caramel, and sprinkled with fleur de sel.
  45. S'Mores
    Creamy melt-in-your- mouth chocolate cheesecake atop a crunchy graham cracker crust, complete with toasted marshmallows. With just one bite, our S'Mores cheesecake is sure to bring out the kid in everyone!
  46. Sopapilla
    Cheesecake meets sopapilla. Add cinnamon and sliced almonds for an irresistably amazing cheesecake experience.
  47. Strawberry Lemonade
    Strawberry Lemonade
    Our top-selling Lemon Lush cheesecake smothered in a fresh strawberry puree'. The best decision you'll make all day!
  48. Strawberry Swirl
    Strawberry Swirl
    Perfectly Plain cheesecake swirled with a fresh strawberry puree'. Great for those who like a little something special in every bite.
  49. Toasted Coconut Creme
    Toasted Coconut Creme
    A perfect 10! Toasted Coconut Creme tops our list as the most requested cheesecake flavor. A cheesecake experience you'll never forget!
  50. Triple Chocolate
    Triple Chocolate
    Three layers of "to die for" chocolate, Warning: You may enjoy an out of body experience should you choose this decadent masterpiece.
  51. Turtle
    Our all time best seller, this traditional cheesecake covered with rich chocolate, pecans, and caramel will take your palate to a places it's never gone before.
  52. Vanilla Bean
    Vanilla Bean
    Only the seeds from vanilla pods will do when it comes to an authentic vanilla experience. This specialty cheesecake stands out from the others with strong vanilla flavor and a beautiful speckled appearance.
  53. Vanilla SugarPlum
    Vanilla SugarPlum
    Visions of our Vanilla SugarPlum cheesecake will surely dance in your head after just one bite! A sweet vanilla crust, fresh-cut plums swirled into creamy traditional cheesecake, and an unforgettable vanilla sugarplum glaze. Delicious!
  54. Whipped Pineapple
    Whipped Pineapple
    Super light and refreshing, our Whipped Pineapple cheesecake with crushed pineapple throughout and a delighful pineapple glaze on top never disappoints.
  55. White Chocolate Raspberry
    White Chocolate Raspberry
    Our luscious white chocolate cheesecake finished with a delectable fresh raspberry puree' is sure to please any cheesecake fan.
  56. Blueberry Jubilee
    Blueberry Jubilee
    At Little Slice Of Heaven, we love all things blue, including our little Frenchie "Foodie," Jubilee. Naturally, we had to name our incredible blueberry cheesecake after her! A blueberry compote swirled into creamy blueberry cheesecake atop our famous vanilla crust, we intorduce to you... Blueberry Jubilee.
  57. Caramel Apple
    Caramel Apple
    An Autumn flavor that you're sure to "fall" in love with! Our Caramel Apple cheesecake is stuffed with tender baked apples and ribboned with delicious caramel.
  58. Banana Cream
    Banana Cream
    Created especially for my dad and reminiscent of his mother's famous banana pudding, this traditional cheesecake full of fresh bananas and cream is sure to please.
  59. Back Off of my Butterfinger!
    Back Off of my Butterfinger!
    The name says it all. You'll have a hard time wanting to share this traditional cheesecake on a chocolate crust loaded inside and out with Butterfinger candy bar pieces.
  60. Candied Orange Creamsicle
    Candied Orange Creamsicle
    Leave the cares of the world behind and return to your childhood with our creamsicle flavored cheesecake topped with a delicious candied orange caramel sauce.
  61. Butter Roasted Pecan
    Butter Roasted Pecan
    Pecans, pecans and more pecans! Traditional cheesecake with butter roasted pecans sitting on a vanilla pecan crust and garnished with slow roasted cinnamon sugar pecans. What's not to love?
  62. Dark Chocolate Truffle
    Dark Chocolate Truffle
    Decadent dark chocolate cheesecake atop a delicious chocolate crust, topped with dreamy hand made whipped cream and shaved milk chocolate!
  63. Chocolate Pecan Pie
    Chocolate Pecan Pie
    Creamy, dreamy chocolate cheesecake meets ooey, gooey pecan pie, all on a homemade traditional pie crust. This could be our richest flavor to date!
  64. Snickers Candy Bar
    Snickers Candy Bar
    A fusion of America's favorite candy bar and our classic cheesecake. Satisfaction guaranteed!
  65. Matcha Madness
    Matcha Madness
    Goodbye stress, Hello energy! Creamy traditional cheesecake, Japanese green tea full of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, chunky almonds, and just a hint of cardamom atop an almond biscotti crust.
  66. Raspberries 'N Cream
    Raspberries 'N Cream
    Light and refreshing, our Raspberries 'N Cream cheesecake will instantly win your heart! Creamy traditional cheesecake filled with an organic raspberry puree' on a vanilla crust. Enjoy!
  67. Peanut Butter Overload
    Peanut Butter Overload
    Calling all peanut butter lovers! Our Peanut Butter Overload cheesecake is loaded with a double dose of PB, chunky peanuts, and chocolate chips. Chocolate ganache and chopped peanuts launch this delicious flavor to the top!